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Hi My name is Marty MacDonald,and i started this Funeralfund page on behalf of Bill Wenzells funeral expenses.

As some of you know,Bill passed away June 12 2018.I'm hoping some friends and family would like to help Bills

family with the funeral expenses.I know times are hard every time of the year,but every donation would help a lot.

This Funeralfund page is being set up in an account for the funeral expenses only. This account will be transferred to

Crosswell's Funeral Home.Like i said,i hope some friends would like to help out.I don't really know what to say or how

to write this funding page.

I apologize because i wish i could write more,every couple of words i type i have to stop and pause for a few minutes.

If i was writing this on paper,i would have to re write it a hundred times because the paper would be soaked.

I'm praying for the family and hoping this Funeralfund works to help them out.They have some money,but not even

close enough to what it's going to cost.

I would like to thank everyone in advance for the donations that are made and God bless you.

I tried another donation site and spent hours trying to get it online,but it would not go through.


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    Paul K

    Jun 25, 2018


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    Jason Dewey

    Jun 20, 2018


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    MIchael Oneal

    Jun 19, 2018

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    Jean Canuel-Cook

    Jun 17, 2018


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    Jun 16, 2018


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    Jun 15, 2018


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    Fred Smith

    Jun 15, 2018


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    Emma Abby Jack

    Jun 14, 2018


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    Jun 14, 2018


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    Jun 14, 2018


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    Thomas Osborne

    Jun 14, 2018


  12. [Image: FFUNARALXXXCXuE]

    Thomas family

    Jun 14, 2018


  13. [Image: FFUNARALXXX0BhU]

    Peter Smith

    Jun 14, 2018


  14. [Image: FFUNARALXXXECPs]

    Joe Silva

    Jun 14, 2018


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  1. [Image: Janice-wenzell]

    Janice wenzell Jun 14, 2018


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