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My beautiful, and sweet loving mother passed away unexpetedly over the weekend. We as a family are at a loss for words and in grief and shock. We are in need of help, whether its a dollar or two dollars or whatever one can afford, even a quarter will do. We are in need of help, as with the loss of her we were not expecting this to happen and have no funds put aside to give her the proper burial service she so greatly deserves. Please help us give my mother the best burial one can have. Please do whatever you can, even if you can't help a prayer will do and share this on your facebook, twitter anything to get the word out for any help we can get. 

This is eating my father up, after being with his loving wife for nearly 44 years, he sits here not sleeping, but only crying scared and worried about not being able to give her what she needs. Please if anyone can help, please it'll mean the world to us and is greatly appreciated and you will be forever in our heart. 

From one family to another, we thank you and love you all


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Funding closed on Tuesday Nov 11, 11:59 PM UTC

Funding amount $2,500.00

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