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 "BEAR DOWN!" .... Joe Ramirez would yell that phrase anytime, anywhere, and at anybody especially if your not a Chicago Bear fan, but that was him,... bringing that conversation, that socialization everywhere he went. He was the biggest social butterfly that can make friends with anyone at anytime because his heart was too kind. He will be missed by everyone in his life, from the friends he recently made to all the friends and family that have known him for years. My father left everyone too soon but I know deep down in my heart, he is resting and in a better place. Dad.... we all love you, you will always... always be forever missed but I know you will not be forgotten. Sleep well ol' man... I love you!


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    Christopher Taylor

    Dec 24, 2015


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    freddy garcia

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    Nicole Alexander

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    Renee Rodriguez Dec 14, 2015


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United States Buckeye, United States
Joseph Ramirez III

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