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I've said it before 
And I'll say it again;
One day all of us will leave this earth
We just don't know when.

I think back to when I was little
When I came over every day;
You taught me how to tie my shoes
You taught me how to play.

Sometimes you took us swimming 
Other times we dressed up Nate;
I remember when I would stay the night
And you would let us stay up late.

You would let us go pick berries
And go to grandma's across the pond;
I remember you helping to raise me
And I will never forget our bond.

I always wished we lived closer 
Especially in these later days;
I wish I could've been by your side
I wish I could've helped you in some way.

I wish this didn't happen 
Out of all people why you?
I wish I could've taken away your pain
I wish there was more the Dr's could do.

You always kept on fighting
You never did give in;
Unfortunately this was a battle
That i guess you couldn't win.

Your smile was contagious
There is no Aunt that could compare;
But I will keep an eye out for you
And look for you everywhere.

A flickering of a light bulb
A cardinal in a tree
I know if I look hard enough
Right here is where you'll be.

But off to heaven is where you must go 
And we must say so long;
It's your turn to rest easy now
It's our turn to be strong.


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