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Thank you for all the loving words, prayers and support you have laid upon the family. As a friend of Victoria Sanchez, I've been asked to help while she arranges for her younger brother's funeral. As you know, deaths are always heartrending and inconvenient, especially for a working family. The costs can be staggering too, as the cost of a funeral can exceed $7000, from the cost of the funeral, memorial or cremation to medical expenses or even help in getting friends and family into town for the services.

Victoria has requested that $4,000 is enough for the moment. If you can help defray the costs of this tragedy, the Sanchez family will humbly accept your contribution at this hurting hour. 

*FYI: In full disclosure, Victoria has authorized me to collect payment into my Paypal account, and then give it to her later.


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    Brian & Lacey Scofield

    Oct 05, 2015


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    Yolanda Garza

    Sep 27, 2015


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    Paul Flores

    Sep 27, 2015


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    Sep 26, 2015


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    Victoria Tai

    Sep 26, 2015



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  1. [Image: Stephanie-Branch]

    Stephanie Branch Oct 01, 2015


  2. [Image: Diego-Barba]

    Diego Barba Sep 27, 2015


This Campaign has begun funding. ♥ $5 minimum required. Campaign ends Saturday Oct 10, 11:59 PM UTC

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