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Mary F. Taylor, age 61 of Batavia, passed comfortably and peacefully on Sunday, June 4th.  Mary loved her family and friends with all she had. She always had a welcoming smile on her face toward everyone she met. Mary had an amazing love for her grandchildren, whom she spoke about regularly.  As her children got older, Mary’s constant companions were her dogs.  Her children would joke that the dogs would be fed better than they were at times. She loved traveling and being in the sun. As her illness progressed, she wasn’t able to travel as much. She got to live with 2 of her grandsons and play with them regularly.  Their favorite past time was having a picnic in the yard. Mary is survived by her three children and seven grandchildren: Joshua Taylor (Mason, Logan, and Addison Taylor), Jennifer (Derek) Luetgert (Gavin, Garrett, Lucy, and Penelope Luetgert), and Zach Taylor. A celebration of life will be held Saturday, June 24th from 11-3 at Lester Park in Duluth, MN where she will be surrounded by family and friends.


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    My sincerest apologies for not including Mary's extended family.  Mary is also survived by her brother Bob and her 16 cousins: Patricia's kids: Georgia and Mary Sue; Kathleen's kids: Tricia, Katie, Mary, Eddie, Charlie, Georgina, Margaret, and John; and Mary Jean's kids: Amy, Grant, Martha, Phil, Seth, and Sarah. Bob was Mary's protector and side kick through childhood into early adulthood. They spent a great deal of time with all their cousins camping and growing up together. This part of her family was incredibly important to her and she frequently talked about the fun she had as a little girl. Her children and grandchildren are not the only ones grieving this loss. I forget just how loved my mother was.


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