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Sandi died from ongoing medical problems. Those problems have taken a toll on their livelihood, their well being, but mainly their finances.


In Lieu of Flowers, Gifts or Cards, We ask that you please consider donating those funds to this cause to assist them with the costs of Sandi's funeral and burial. The family would be eternally grateful. This isn't a burden you need to carry with you in life. Your consideration would be greatly appreciated in bringing stability and closure to this stressful time. Thank you from our hearts. We hope you will choose this alternative in memory of Sandi.




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    Candice hill

    Oct 19, 2014


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    Jason Self

    Oct 18, 2014


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    Mary Jack Landers

    Oct 18, 2014


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Funding closed on Friday Oct 31, 11:59 PM UTC

Funding amount $6,500.00

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